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Abandoned fishing village. China

This fishing village illustrates the case when the nature shows its superiority over man. This abandoned place was found at the base of the River of Yangtze, on the Shengsi islands, China.

Such once a bustling village was left by its residents. Over time, slowly but surely, it has been absorbed by the local vegetation due to the warm and humid subtropical climate. It is covered with greenery so thickly and evenly, that has gained an incredible, beautiful and just a fabulous look. Some scientists argue that many cities of the planet expect the same fate.

Photographer Tang Yuhong has shown the power and the beauty of the natural forces by his photographs. Such a photographic journey perfectly shows how nature can reclaim back her property occupied by a man. Like a warning it shows that once everything and everywhere was hers. Trembling takes over you while looking at these shots resembling the post-apocalyptic world where the skeletons of high-rise buildings are barely visible.

Shengsi archipelago comprises about 400 islands. This grassed village is located on the Gouqi Island which is part of the Shengsi Islands. The yearly average temperature here is around 15.8 °C. Few people know, but the island is a tourist destination with good fishing area. This place attracts thousands of fishermen and just inquisitive tourists each year.

Abandoned fishing village. China

Abandoned fishing village. China4

Abandoned fishing village. China1

Abandoned fishing village. China

Abandoned fishing village. China2

Abandoned fishing village. China3

Abandoned fishing village. China5

Abandoned fishing village. China6

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