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Abraham Lake. Canada

This incredible beauty is called Abraham Lake. It is located on North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta of Canada. Its length is 32 km and total area is about 54 square kilometers. This lake is not of natural origin, it is artificial. The lake was formed with the construction of Bighorn Dam in 1972. It was named in honor of Silas Abraham, who lived on this territory in the 19th century.

Why is it so remarkable? The fact is that the surface of Abraham Lake is covered with patterns of frozen air bubbles. Menacing and explosive mixture of gaseous methane is hidden under a layer of ice. Plants that grow at the bottom of the lake, as well as everything that gets into the water (trees, plants, leaves, dead animals), form the bacteria of the decomposing organic substances. They contribute to the formation of methane at the bottom of the lake.

Methane precipitously rises in order to get out as quickly as possible, but freeze at different depths and thus create a unique visual effect. The period of ice melting contributes to the even greater decomposition of the vegetation, as the lake floods the surrounding area. In addition, the sewage sludges from the nearby farms also contribute to the formation of methane.

Of course, every photographer aspires to get here and shoot this beauty. However, it is not so pleasant pastime. Often the winter temperature at the foot of the Rocky Mountains is very low – about 30 degrees below zero. There is virtually no snow cover and the biting icy wind will recalculate your ribs pretty quickly. In addition, that it is very cold and unpleasant place, it is also very dangerous! The lake’s surface is covered with cracks and the dark bottom which can be seen around the bubbles looks ominous. The ice thickness does not exceed 10 centimeters.

Of course, this is not the only lake that can boast such an unusual phenomenon, but one of the most picturesque.

Abraham Lake. Canada


Abraham Lake


Abraham Lake3

Abraham Lake 2

Abraham Lake11

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  • mika

    Hello, I would really want to go there. Could you tell me when is the suitable season and where is the best location to catch such good pictures like that? Thanks

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