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Amazing over-water highway. China

You see a vivid example of a harmony between people and nature! This is a unique bridge since it has no analogues in the world. The amazing construction has appeared in the Xingshan County of China’s Hubei Province in the east of the central part of the country. This low water highway bridge extends not across the river, but right along the river bed. The road connects the Xingshan County with the Yiba Expressway.

The bridge is called “ecological highway.” The idea of such an unusual decision is explained by the love for nature, ie, it was built in this way in order not to cut down the forest. Design for the bridge was presented in 2013 by the Chinese expert Chen Ksingda. Initially, the construction implied the digging of a long tunnel through the hill covered with lush forests. When the expert found out about this, he offered to preserve nature by building a workaround over the river, bending around the hill. Officials agreed, and thus, one of the most picturesque roads in the whole People’s Republic of China has appeared.

Driving on the freeway, which is nearly eleven kilometers long, you can literally travel by water! 4 km of the road stretches over a mountain stream. So, passing the river valley you can enjoy spectacular landscapes, beautiful views of the river, the wooded hills and the neighboring villages.

Without prejudice to the integrity of the natural environment, this bridge allows the drivers to overcome way within twenty minutes that previously required more than an hour. The new bridge is equipped with numerous surveillance cameras. A negligent driver, throwing garbage into the river, will be required to pay a fine of one thousand yuan. And in general, it is not a cheap construction. It took about US$320,000 to build the above-water stretch of highway. It’s nearly half of the cost of the entire structure ($700,000).

Bridge along the river


Bridge along the river2


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