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Aogashima – volcanic island

Aogashima is a place where people live like on a powder keg, and more precisely on a real active volcano. And it is very comfortable for them. The inhabitants of this island have lived here for centuries, in a place to which civilization has not yet reached – in the Japanese village of the same name Aogashima (Prefecture of Tokyo), located in the Philippine Sea, most southern point of the country. The population is about 200 people.

Island Aogashima was formed by the eruption of several underwater volcanoes. So you actually walk on volcanic mass. It is washed by warm currents, and therefore, mostly a subtropical climate prevails here. Here is the main crater and the caldera – cavity with steep walls. The whole island is covered with lush vegetation, creating spectacular views. It’s so beautiful that extreme tourists come here by any means. However, there are few of them. То get to Aogashima, you need to be really a daredevil. You can get here by swimming. It is very difficult and, in addition, there is only one berth, which can’t help you in bad weather – only small ships can moor here. If the financial capabilities allow you, you can use a helicopter.

Looking at the photos, it seems the island was not touched by civilization at all. Human activity hasn’t practically affected the unique nature of Aogashima, though people have lived here for centuries. The last great eruption occurred here in the late 18th century. It was a tragedy for the local residents, when about 140 people died. Previously, about three hundred Aborigines lived on the island, so the eruption killed about half of the total population. Today there is still such a danger – the volcano can wake up! But people, risking their lives, came back here several.years later people came back to the island and still live in a small part of it, in the eponymous village. Here you will find houses, store and helicopter pad.

Here you are free to see interesting animals and birds, they are not dangerous. There is also a unique opportunity to swim in the geothermal saunas and hot springs of natural origin. You will certainly appreciate hiking around the island, scuba diving in the emerald waters of the Philippine Sea and the surrounding landscapes as a whole. Here you can also use such unique opportunity to prepare meals on the volcanic heat.






  • elibjartalid

    The third picture (the waterfall) is indeed not in Japan. It’s in The Faroe Island, in a small village called Gasadalur, far away from Japan

  • Rúna

    The third picture is a picture from the Faroe Islands. Go and google Gásadalur, or Bø, and you’ll see.

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