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Blue Grotto. Capri. Italy

The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) is a unique karst cave, which is located on the coast of the island of Capri, in the south of Italy. This place is considered to be one of the most popular attractions of the island and, in addition, even the symbol, the emblem.

The grotto has become so famous because of its unique blue-azure color. The light that penetrates through the waters of the Mediterranean Sea makes all the objects that are on the bottom shine by the silver-blue color. Such a fluorescent glow of the grotto comes from a large underwater cave at the entrance. Thanks to it the water is illuminated as the neon lights in the pool. In such a way, on cloudy days, the cave doesn’t differ from other similar grottoes and doesn’t attract so much attention.

Blue Grotto, as well as the island of Capri, is a popular seaside resort since the days of the ancient Romans. This is confirmed by the fact that ancient statues and other ancient artifacts of archaeological value were discovered inside the cave. This place has long been of great interest to archaeologists and historians. In 1964, three statues were raised from the bottom of the Blue Grotto. One of them represented the god Neptune and the other two depicted Triton, son of Poseidon. When archaeologists decided to find the pedestals of these statues, the divers have found not three but seven pedestals, so at least 4 statues still lie at the bottom of the cave.

Moreover, the researchers have also found that the villa of emperor August housed not far from this place – Gradola – as it is known by the locals in our times, and that is how it was also known in the 18th century. It is generally accepted that the grotto was rediscovered by the German poet August Kopisch in 1826.

The length of the Blue Grotto reaches 56 meters, the width – 30 meters, the height of the arch above the water level – 15 meters, the entrance height is about 1.3 meters. The Grotto has only one entrance – from the sea. You can get inside only by boat. The entrance is halfway flooded with water, so to get to it you need to lie down to the bottom of the low boat. You should take it seriously, and correctly choose the gondolier. This person should wait for the right time between the waves and boat inside in time, then he will need to drag gondola along the walls by the rope.

Grotta Azzurra is a whole underground system of small caves. The most spacious and easily accessible one is Duomo Azzurro. Its length is 60 meters. The ecosystem of the cave is very unusual because of the underwater springs of sulfur and hydrogen sulphide pipes, which are sources of energy. Among the huge beautiful corals you can see lobsters, mussels and other creatures.

Blue Grotto is very popular among tourists, and to this day, thousands of people come here. However, they are not always neat and decent people, so once the grotto has already been closed due to the threat of pollution. Today, scientists have decided to toughen measures for its protection and control of the environmental health in this region.

Blue Grotto (Capri)

Grotta Azzurra capri



Grotta Azzurra1

Grotta Azzurra

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