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Blue Pond in Hokkaido. Japan

Our planet is full of fabulous places, mysterious phenomena and magnificent unique landscapes. However, sometimes there are some duplicates of natural attractions, and looking at this place I instantly remembered its twin in the distant Kazakhstan. Although it is often described in an obvious superiority over Kaindy Lake.

This celestial Blue Pond is located in Japan, on the left bank of the River Bieigawa, south-east of the city of Biei, Hokkaido. This extraordinary body of water can be found in 2.5 km north-west of Hot Springs Platinum at the foot of Mount Tokachi. The pond has received its name because of the bright blue color of water, with a lot of wooden pillars, rising above the water surface.

The Blue Pond is the work of human hands. This is an artificial reservoir and it originated relatively recently. It was necessary after the eruption of the nearby volcano Tokachi in December 1988. It was decided to build a dam to protect the surrounding area from mudflows. So, Regional Development Bureau of Hokkaido has decided to use this dam to prevent debris flows during the subsequent eruptions. And now the water is blocked by the dam, and is delayed in the forest, creating a blue pond.

The peculiar color of water is explained by the accidental presence of colloidal aluminium hydroxide. It reflects the shorter waves of blue in the same manner as the Earth’s atmosphere does. The shade of the reservoir also changes depending on the angle you look at it, and even due to the time of day it may be different. It is to be noted that unfortunately the current color of the pond differs from the beautiful photos. Typhoon Mindulle which occurred in in August 2016 has brought damage to this site. It has manifested in a temporary drop of the water level and in its brownish color – the water was contaminated with mud and sand from the Biei River.

The picturesque town of Biei was a popular tourist destination for many years, but the Blue Pond has added hot interest and the number of wishing to see the spectacular scenery has multiplied.


 Blue Pond in Hokkaido Japan



 Blue Pond in Hokkaido

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