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Capilano Suspension Bridge. Canada

One of the most amazing, memorable and outstanding attractions of Canada is the Capilano Suspension Bridge as well as the natural park of the same name. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is located in Vancouver – the largest city in British Columbia – the province in western Canada. Any tourist who has visited Canadian cities will say that a journey to Vancouver should be initiated exactly with a visit to this place. Surrounded by dense thickets of the forest, the bridge stretches over the river Capilano at a height of 70 meters. Its length is 136 meters.

One of the most valuable benefits of walking on this bridge – the fragrance of fir and fern which literally envelops you! Incredible feelings – hundreds of trees, fresh and clean air, and abyss under your feet!

The Capilano Bridge was built by Scottish engineer George Grant Mackay in 1889. Initially it was designed for easy access to the sawmill, and in 1956 it was reconstructed and turned into a tourist attraction. Then, the bridge represented a different construction – cedar boards, connected by ropes of hemp. After 8 years, the bridge has acquired the ability to withstand the weight of more than 90 tones, when the ropes were replaced by steel cables.

They say that 96 elephants can safely walk across the bridge simultaneously and do not damage the structure! But who knows for sure… Even experienced travelers are worried to walk across this bridge – after all you have to go through more than 100 meters along the hanging bridge! It tickles nerves a little. Especially during strong winds, when the bridge is swinging, it adds adrenalin! Even though it takes courage, it does not stop the tourists and they come here from around the world.

Such entertainment is available at any time of year, even in a snowy weather. The forest expanses wrapped in a white fur coat become even more beautiful! In winter, Vancouver is attractive in its own way as well as the suspension bridge. It becomes even more glorious surrounded by trees “sleeping” under the snow blanket. You will definitely enjoy admiring the beauty of the Vancouver’s forest, because such an extraordinary landscape opens from the observation decks, located right on the trees!

It is especially recommended to come here in the period from late November to early January. This is time of magic light show Canyon Lights, when all suspended walkways and bridges are covered by preNew Year bright illumination!

The park is also worth your attention. In 1935 the owner has invited the local Indians who established Indian totem poles on the territory. Now it is the world’s largest private collection of Native American totem poles. The park is equipped by various attractions – suspension bridges between the trees made of wood and steel, some sections are made of glass. Once we have already talked about a similar entertainment that not everyone dares to try!

Capilano Suspension Bridge. Canada

Capilano Suspension Bridge


Capilano Bridge. Canada

Capilano canada Capilano

Capilano winter Capilano Suspension Bridge winter

 Capilano-Suspension-Christmas-Light32 Capilano-Canyon Lights

Suspension Bridge lights

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