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Cherry blossom. Inokashira Park, Japan

We often see the photos of cherry trees in this period from the pedestrian’s perspective; some of us were happy to watch such magnificence by their own eyes. These wonderful pictures were taken by photographer Danny Dungo using a special drone DJI Phantom. It was really an excellent idea to “catch” the blossom of sakura from this foreshortening. The lake is covered with a beautiful carpet of gentle pink color. The trees seem airy, weightless.

These photographs are also unique due to the fact that there were several catchy incidents with drones in Japan (Prime Minister’s roof). So the author is not only a talented photographer, but a lucky guy, who managed to avoid much attention, must be shooting early in the morning. Such conditions as light mist and no crowds have played in his favor. The photographic quality is not perfect, but what a view!

It is worth noting that we are admiring the splendid Inokashira Park, which is located in the western part of Tokyo; and in particular – Inokashira Pond. The total area of the park is 383.773 km². The park is open to locals and tourists around the clock. The entrance is free. You can rent a boat for a walk along the lake; however it will cost you some money. On the park territory you will some find special places of public catering.

Suburban Inokashira Park was included into the list of 100 places for the best meeting of spring. And it is true! Sakura begins to bloom from late March and ends in early April. Just imagine – hundreds of trees of picturesque Japanese cherry blossom near the lake. Some of them are growing so close to the water that the sakura branches hang down over the smooth surface of the lake and you can literally touch the delicate petals while floating in a boat. And when the sakura petals begin to fall, the lake is covered by a pink color. Isn’t it the most romantic place for a loving couple?





Danny Dungo

Danny Dungo cherry


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