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Cherry Blossom Tunnel. Germany

Cherry Blossom Tunnel in Bonn, Germany is stunning scenery that lasts for several days due to the flowering of Japanese cherry trees known as Sakura. These two weeks in spring are really amazing when the usual busy street shimmers by the diversity of pink shades.

Even at night, by the light of street lamps, it’s an incredible sight! Bonn is the former capital of West Germany. Of course, there are many streets, but you will find the flowering cherries very easy! This place is even mentioned in many guidebooks, so there are always a lot of tourists here. In fact, it’s even two streets – Heerstraße and Breite Straße. They are right next to each other. Flowering time depends on the weather, so no one will tell you the exact date, but tentatively you can come in early – mid-April.

You may ask why the Japanese cherry trees in Germany? The story is banal enough. Prudent and pragmatic Germans didn’t even think about the beauty, when in 1984, the city of Bonn began to fight for the air cleanliness. Just then, the Japanese cherries decorated the historic center of Bonn, and still delight all the passers-by recalling the arrival of spring. Thus, a typical street has become a popular tourist destination.

In fact, they are certainly ordinary streets, but very cozy and romantic, especially during the lush flowering. These narrow streets are saturated with cafes, small shops and artists’ studios. They are located in the so called Old Town. It is a residential quarter, disposed in the center of Bonn, so it is always full of people.

Lush trees create a stunning translucent archway by their twisting branches and form a real tunnel. This kind of the flowering dome delights not only tourists who see it for the first time, but the locals also like to walk under a pink sky. Photographers from around the world seek catch the moment of blossom and use the magic of pink color!

No less beautiful time comes when the sakura petals overfly from the trees onto the asphalt like a pink rain and you see a bright carpet underfoot. The sidewalks dazzle with strewn confetti and this makes the alleys the most romantic place!


Cherry Blossom Tunnel

Cherry tunnel in Bonn


cherry tunnel

Cherry tunnel Bonn

Cherries in Bonn

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