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Clifton Suspension Bridge. UK

Clifton Suspension Bridge is one of the most beautiful engineering structures of the world, located in the suburb of Bristol, UK. It covers the Avon Gorge and connects Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods in North Somerset, England. The bridge crosses the River Avon. Its total length is 230 meters, and the length of the span over the river – 190 meters. It is a single-lane road bridge, but that doesn’t prevent it from being a popular destination for travelers. All day and night you can find an infinite set of tourists taking photos and just loving couples.

It is one of the main attractions of the city and the country. The construction was carried out over 28 years, during 1836-1864. It was interrupted and deferred for several times. Engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel started the construction of a bridge on his own project. It was the first one in his career. Unfortunately, Brunel died in 1859 before he could finish the job. His colleagues from the Institute of Civil Engineers decided that the completion of the bridge would be the best monument in his honor. December 8, 1864, the Clifton Suspension Bridge was opened for traffic.

This shining example of the suspended structures attracts extreme sports professionals from all over the world. The first bungee jump from Clifton Suspension Bridge was made in April 1979. The bridge will not disappoint you even if you’re not a fan of such entertainment. You will be amazed by the view from the suspension bridge of the surroundings of Bristol. There is the Clifton Observatory with its well-known camera obscura; Bristol caves, including the Giant cave – the most famous of them. All of this and many other local points of interest also attract tourists.

The construction has a nuance – there is a danger that the bridge will not stand too heavy loads. Therefore, during the mass celebrations in Bristol – such as the International Festival of Ballooning – the bridge is closed.

They say the bridge has also become famous as a place for suicides. However, the active struggle with this is conducted in our days, and the bridge has been fenced by the high railings.

Clifton Suspension Bridge





Clifton Suspension Bridge. Feel the Planet

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