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Confluence of Rhône and Arve. Switzerland

The confluence of the rivers Rhône and Arve is a natural phenomenon, which can be seen in Geneva, the second largest city of Switzerland. The border of the connection of the powerful streams is a compound of two contrasting shades of the mountain rivers.

The Rhone River is one of the major rivers of Europe. Its waters originate on the slopes of the array “Aar Gotthard” and stem from Lake Geneva “Leman”, one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. This river has a turquoise color. The springhead of the Arve River is in Graian Alps, it has muddy and gray tones. Such gloomy shades are explained by rapid flow that raises rocks, silt and mud from the bottom.

It is interesting to observe how their colors are mixed. The time from late spring to early autumn – the best time to visit the confluence of the rivers Rhône and Arve. At this time of the year you can watch the maximum contrast between the two streams; in winter months it is expressed a little less bright.

There is a viaduct near the arrow of the rivers’ merger. In summer, the lovers of thrills among the locals from Geneva and the surrounding area organize bungee jumping several times a week. If you also enjoy such extreme fun, you can participate, having agreed with the coordinators on the spot.

The Rivers of Rhône and Arve coalesce in the area of La Jonction in the west of Geneva, the capital of the eponymous canton and the second largest city in Switzerland. A specially constructed pier would be the best place to watch arrow. To get to the observation deck, you can walk from the bridge Sous-Terre, located on the right bank of the Rhone. Further, you should go in the opposite direction from Lake Geneva. Move along the waterfront, through the shady alley Sentier des Saules to the confluence of streams. The distance from the bridge to the Sous-Terre arrow is about 700 meters. Railway connects Geneva with Basel, Bern, Luzern and Zurich. Travel time between the cities takes no more than three hours.

Confluence of Rhone and Arve. Switzerland

Confluence of Rhone and Arve.

Confluence of rivers


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  • Ed Holliday

    Wow! I read the explanation of the occurrence to cause this, but it still looks like fresh water being contaminated by pollution. Especially from the pictures it looks like the fresh water comes from the mountains in the backdrop and the dirty water is flowing from the back end of the city. Just sayin.

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