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Crooked Forest. Poland

In western Poland, near the town of Gryfino, there is a mysterious “Crooked Forest”. Its distinctive feature consists in the fact that a large part of the trees is bent at the same angle.

Such a nature sanctuary covers an area of about 1.7 hectares which is strictly protected by the state. These amazing pine trees were planted in 1930-34 years. The unusual forest accounts about 400 trees. They all grow with a bend of 90 degrees at the bottom of their trunks and are turned towards the north.

In about 20 centimeters from the ground, these trees synchronously curl up into an arc, but straighten, rushing to the sun. The trees are about 80 years old and have a height of 15 meters. However, scientists claim that such height is too small for this age of pines. This is another feature of pine forest – for unknown reasons, the trees don’t reach the standard height.

Scientists can’t agree in opinion about this mysterious phenomenon. Therefore, there are several theories explaining the unusual shape of the trees. According to one of the assumptions, tree trunks were deliberately curved by people to facilitate further manufacturing of furniture, sleds or boats. However, the local loggers confidently assert that the wood of the curve pine trees absolutely is not suitable for furniture production.

There is also a belief that a local plant breeder specifically wanted to create a forest where all the trees are turned towards the north, so that no one could get lost in such a forest. As for me, this is a fairy tale of the good wizard. Although everything can be..

Experts on cosmobiology note that such an area has negative energy. And, allegedly, it is it that causes changes to shape and direction of growth of the trees.

In addition to the official versions, it is possible to hear an interesting legend about this place. It says that in the last century there was a witch who lived in this young forest. She enchanted the forest so that it protected her home from the prying eyes. One day, some woodcutters needed wood and they decided to go for this purpose to the nearby forest. As soon as they swung with their axes, the trunks began dodging from the sharp blades and beat the troublemakers by branches. The loggers were frightened and fled in terror from the forest. Ever since, the trees are frozen in such an unusual position as a warning to those who dare to encroach upon the enchanted forest.

The Crooked Forest is truly riddled with mystery. Besides the fact that all the trees are cryptically bent, there is a very strange atmosphere here. Eyewitnesses, who have visited this unusual place, argue that there was no singing of birds and chirring of the crickets in this forest.

Locals believe that it brings happiness if you get through this tree. Moreover, you can get rid of various diseases. However, you will need a special permit to enter the territory of the reserve.

Crooked Forest.  Poland

Crooked Forest.  Poland1

Crooked Forest

Forest.  Poland

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