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Crystal Cave. Svínafellsjökull, Iceland

Iceland attracts by its fantastic landscapes. Everyone who visit this picturesque country confirm – all the difficulties of staying there are worth it! One of its numerous attractions is an incredible ice cave hidden under a glacier called Svínafellsjökull. You may ask what distinguishes this cave from the similar… Colour! Ice of the Crystal Cave is not snow-white like on the surface of the glacier, it is blue!

For many centuries, the ice descended from the slopes of the Svínafellsjökull and under its own weight squeezed out all air of the frozen water, and turned into magical blue crystals. Outside the glacier was influenced by environment and weather getting its crystal clear white color. The ice inside the cave saved rich blue tint.

When the glacier absorbs sunlight, it scatters over the entire surface of the cave and makes the walls and vaults of the ice hall glow shimmering by variety of blue colors – from muddy shades of blue at the top, up to the darkening shades to the bottom. Imagination draws associations with color of the night sky or depths of the sea.

The cave was formed as a result of runoff of the glacier’s melt water. Typically, these crevasses are directed downward. However, the glacier is not high and is located on a hard surface – meltwaters had no other choice but to wash out the horizontal through cavity.

Ice cave is located on the edge of the glacier – where it enters the lagoon. You can get into the cave only when the lagoon freezes over completely, in winter, when strong freezing temperatures strengthen the ice. In any case, it is still not safe. The ice caves are in a constant state of transformation, and can be destroyed any time. The fact is that in winter the Svnafellsjkull is also not asleep, and continues to live like a living organism. You will hear some kind of the crackle – the sound of its movement and the cave’s as well. Sometimes speed of the movement of ice reaches 1 meter per day.

The cave itself is 50 m long, 10 m wide and 1.8 meters in height. You can enter the Crystal Cave through a 7-meter entrance at the shoreline. At the end of the ice cave the tunnel narrows to 1 meter.



Crystal Cave-Iceland2


Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave-Iceland

Crystal Cave-Iceland1


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