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Cypress Trees of Caddo Lake

This mysterious and slightly magical place is called Caddo Lake. This unusual lake covering an area of 105 square kilometers is located on the territory of the eponymous national park, on the border of Texas and Louisiana in the southern part of the United States. The lake has emerged on the Red River at the end of XVIII – the beginning of the nineteenth century. Accumulation of garbage and logs has caused the formation of congestion on the river. Thanks to the hardworking beavers construction of the dam was finished. So, an accidentally formed dam has turned into a lake.

However, not that has brought fame to this place. Unbelievable, just fabulous landscapes surround this lake. The natural scenery is composed of lianas, trees, shrubs, and, of course, cypress forests, which are the largest in the world. Here you can watch the amazing wood formation, their distinctive structure – “cypress knee.” Thus, the trees adapt to the soft, silty soil. They create thickenings which rise above the water like small “hills” around the trunks. Scientists suggest that it helps cypresses to maintain the vertical position in the water.

Marsh cypress trees reach a height of 50 meters, and live in an average over a hundred years. As you can see, most of the trees are located in the water. Huge strands of moss hang intricately from the cypresses and give them a fantastic view. The water in the lake has a depth of about three meters. It is crystal clear, so among the lotuses and water lilies you can easily see the inhabitants of the pond. More than seventy species of fish inhabit the waters of the lake. If you are an avid fisherman, you can even rent tackle and all the necessary equipment for this purpose.

It is noteworthy that the town with the strange name Uncertain, located on the shores of the Caddo Lake, exists only due to the influx of tourists. Many people come here to see with their own eyes this amazing and fascinating place, to take a boat ride between the trees. Besides, you can rent a boat, launch, kayak or a catamaran for free. But be careful, you can meet even alligators here. And it is recommended to take a guide if you travel on the lake for the first time.

If you don’t like water recreation, you can enjoy the surrounding beauty from the shore. Along the shores of the Caddo Lake there are special trails for walking and biking.

Caddo Lake


Cypress Trees

Trees of Caddo Lake

Lake of Caddo

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