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Dachstein SkyWalk Bridge. Austria

The highest suspension bridge in Austria is located on the Dachstein glacier – Dachstein SkyWalk Bridge. It was opened at the beginning of July in 2013.

This stunning 100-meter bridge is located near the town of Schladming. “Bridge to nowhere” will give you a dizzying view of the mountain landscape, but if you dare to walk on it. Then, you need to pass through the narrow staircase with 14 steps and you’ll see its main feature. It lies in that the bridge ends with glass platform. This is a small transparent observation deck which seems to be hanging over the abyss between the steep cliffs on the height of 400 meters. It is the most breathtaking viewing platform in the Alps!

This place attracts crowds of adventurers and just brave men. No wonder, Dachstein is called the pearl of the Austrian ski resorts. You will also be offered guided tours, snowboarding, downhill and cross-country skiing, mountaineering, hiking, climbing, paragliding and simply enjoying nature. You will not be bored on the Dachstein glacier.

It will cost 3 euros for adults to visit the suspension bridge, for children admission is free. This price includes a visit to the Dachstein Ice Palace, which is connected with the glacier by this bridge. You will certainly enjoy traveling by the corridors of the Ice Palace! The combination of ice, light and sound is an incredible experience. Here you can see the Throne Hall, which is the Greek Acropolis, and icy figurines of popular characters from the animated film “Ice Age”, which were carved out of ice by the Chinese craftsmen, and other interesting things. Children, as well as adults, are very fond of being photographed with the figures.

Dachstein SkyWalk Bridge

Dachstein SkyWalk Bridge1



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