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Dallol. Ethiopia

Look at these amazing pictures! How do you think, where is it? It is not alien landscapes, not footage from a fiction film, not photoshop. So, meet, Dallol – the most amazing and unusual volcano on Earth.

It is located in the northeast of Ethiopia, in the Afar region, namely in the Danakil Depression, 48 meters below sea level. It is surrounded by the hills of the native sulfur, which reach a height of 60 meters. Look at this unearthly color palette! White, yellow, turquoise and red colors are the result of coloring by various ions of potassium salts and salt. The point is that Dallol became silent after the eruption and explosion in 1926, thereat, a whole lake of acid was formed in the crater of the volcano. Constant gas emissions give this place frightfulness, reminiscent of breathing of cosmic monsters.

Locals give this volcanic crater even greater mystery. They tell the legends that Dallol is the gateway to hell; allegedly the wrath of God throws all infidels and sinners into this abyss, and it absorbs them. It’s not hard to believe when you consider the fact that the local average temperature is close to 34°C and the summer temperature never drops below 40°C. Local settlers are considered to be the guardians of the volcano. They say they perceive very aggressively anyone who intrudes into their lives and can be cruel with them.

Scientists explain the unique shape of the volcano that Dallol was formed by the eruption of basaltic magma, directly under the body of the volcano. Its perimeter is about 1.5 x 3 km. The volcano is located on the top of a large layer of Quaternary sediments. The area is rich in deposits of potassium salts. Mineral springs erupt approximately 1,000 tons of salt per year. Caravans of camels systematically take out the cut rectangular slabs the earth’s crust for processing.

Tourists are also forced to travel by caravan – there is no other way. However, we shouldn’t forget how hazardous this place is. Furthermore, it is uninhabited. This is the most remote location from any civilization.

Dallol (volcano)

Dallol (volcano)2


Dallol Ethiopia


Dallol (volcano)1

Dallol (volcano)3

Dallol 1

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