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Dead Valley Deadvlei. Namibia

Namibia is a country in southwestern Africa. Uplands constitute the bulk of Republic – they occupy the center of the country. It is bounded by the Orange River from the south and the Kalahari Desert from the east. Caprivi Strip and the extreme north of the country are engaged with the jungle. The amazing Namib Desert stretches from the west.


Dead Valley Deadvlei is one of the main natural attractions in the Namibian National Park Namib-Naukluft. The name of the valley consists of the word “dead” and the word “vlei”, which in the Afrikaans language means “the place where everything ends.” In general, the word means “dead swamp”. The world knows this place called Death Valley, Dedvley.

This is a clay pan, which is located at the bottom of the dry lake, near the famous dune of Sossusvlei. It is famous for its fossilized camel Acacia trees (Acacia erioloba). Here you will find the most amazing scenery! This place, where the land is covered with a layer of salt and clay with tree roots which stick out from the ground, really seems to be dead. The photos taken in these places seem unreal and remind the surreal paintings.


Trees of Deadvlei are more than nine hundred years old. Drought and shallowing of the river Tsauchab have killed these trees, and now, as stark monuments, they create a unique landscape against the backdrop of the orange-red sand dunes. The color of sand with brick shade was created due to a high content of iron in its composition. During sunrise and sunset you can see the incredible picturesque scenery in this valley.



Here are the highest sand dunes in the world, the highest reach the point of 300-400 meters. These huge sand dunes blocked the access of water to the valley, when about 900 years ago, the strongest drought has attacked these places; and they won’t be able to give any chance for the water to appear in the region for a long time.

These majestic dunes are numbered and have their own names. The highest dune is 7-th in the list, and the most spectacular surrounding Death Valley is known as Big Daddy.


There is not even the slightest wind and the temperature reaches 50° C in the shade in the hottest period. Because of this, the withered trees don’t decompose and are well stored under the scorching sun for so many centuries.

These incredible landscapes have always attracted travelers, artists and filmmakers. Indian action film “Gagini” (2008) contains several frames taken in the Namib Desert. In addition, the horror movie “Cage” (2000) with starring Jennifer Lopez was also filmed here.

 dead-valley Dead-Vlei-Namibia

Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world and exists already for 80 million years. Although many tourists come here, this place is quite hostile. Any flora or fauna doesn’t survive here. The climate is very hard and dry. The guided tours are limited to daylight hours and require a special permission.


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