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Divnogorie. Russia

Russia is rich in natural attractions, impressing by their incredible beauty. One of such places is situated not far from the site where the winding river “Quiet Pine” flows into the majestic Don, 100 kilometers to south from Voronezh. Blue rivers, green flood meadows, snow-white chalky cliffs and pillars, silvery feather grass steppes, man-made cave churches and a monastery – all this is a natural architectural archeological museum-reserve “Divnogorie”.

This natural open-area museum was founded in 1988; and July 9, 1991 it received the status of the museum-reserve. The area was declared a historical and cultural land with special environmental protection. This is the most popular tourist attraction of the Voronezh region. It covers an area of 1,100 hectares and brings together the relief elements of the river valley and the interfluves’ plateau at the confluence of the Quiet Pine and Don. The plateau is situated at an altitude of 181 meters above sea level.

This area was named “Divnogorie” because of the chalky pillars of unusual shape. Local people call them “divas” (divo – a miracle). Currently, there are two groups of pillars – Large and Small Divas. This is a concentration of diverse and rare steppe ecosystems. Divnogorie is home to more than 40 plant species and 30 animal species forming a group of relicts and endemics.

It is a complex of natural and historical monuments. On the territory of the reserve you can find the chalky cave churches of middle of the XVII century and the archaeological complex of monuments of IX-X centuries – the Church of the Sicilian Mother of God icon (cut in twenty-meter monolithic rock, inherits the architectural traditions of the ancient temples of Athos), Church of St. John the Baptist and Divnogorskaya-3. In addition, “Mayatskoye Gorodische”, which represents the remains of a medieval fortress and the necropolis, handicraft production center, Mayatsky pottery complex of IX-X centuries, Divnogorskiy Uspensky Monastery (XVII century).

Each season, from May to October, it is visited by more than 60 thousand of tourists. You can also feel the untouched nature of the museum-reserve “Divnogorie” and order a walking tour with a guide on the ecological trail, visit the unique temples, and plunge into the hidden mysteries of antiquity. You will be amazed by the beauty of the unique landscape formations, relict vegetation, endemic insects.

Divnogorie. Voronezh1

Divnogorie. Voronezh Russia

Divnogorie.  Russia

Divnogorie. church

Divnogorie. Russia

Divnogorie. Voronezh region. Russia

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