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Durdle Door. UK

Speaking about the Jurassic Coast it is worth mentioning such a picturesque place like Durdle Door. This natural limestone arch is a popular tourist attraction on the coast of the English Channel in Dorset. Such unusual gates were the result of natural action of waves on the limestone rocks.

This stunning arch, the most famous place on the coast, belongs to the Welds. Their possessions in Dorset are 50 square km. The name “Durdle” comes from the Old English word “thirl” which means a drill or a drilled hole.

There is a descent by the steep steps, which go down for about 100 meters. Further, we can see the rocks in the water, called Man of War.

To swim through the Durdle Door is considered to be especially cool among swimmers and boaters.

So picturesque views are opened when you come to the beautiful crescent-shaped bay, which abuts to the Durdle Door by one end.

The landscapes around Durdle Door were used in the scenes of some films. They include “Wilde” (1997) starring Stephen Fry, “Nanny McPhee” starring Emma Thompson, and in 1967 – “Far from the Madding Crowd “. In addition, Durdle Door was filmed in different videos of famous musicians.

I invite you to enjoy the photos of the stunning scenery surrounding the arch.

Durdle Door, Natural Limestone Arch

Beach Jurassic

Durdle Door.UK


Jurassic Coast

Durdle Dor

Durdle Door

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