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Facts about Germany

– Many people associate Germany with beer. Five thousand kinds of beer are produced in Germany. This country is famous for its beer festival for the whole world. Germany has a large number of small and large breweries plants; every third plant of the world is located in Bavaria.

– In Bavaria, a person has a right to drink a mug of beer during the working day.

– Chewing gum was invented in Germany by Hans Riegel.

– Angela Merkel, who was elected in 2005, became the first female chancellor in German history.

– The first daylight saving time occurred in Germany in 1916.

– Germany has a large number of dialects, and even the Germans themselves do not always understand each other. Therefore, TV programs from the northern part of the country are shown in the southern part with subtitles.

– German police use only the cars of their renowned company “Mercedes”.

– Legal protection of population in this country is at a very high level. Many people do not work and live on social assistance. They are used to rent a house, and even very wealthy people do not buy real estate (three-quarters of Germans live in rented accommodation). If a person does not pay the rent, it is almost impossible to evict him from the house.

– Homeless Germans have dogs. The state pays them extra money for their care.

– The Germans refer to the education of children very peculiar – or rather, everything is allowed for children. Parents are responsible for their misdemeanors, if there are no parents – nobody.

– The Germans concern their Nazi past, as well as Aboriginal people think of eaten Cook. At the same time, blame for the Second World War is embedded into the consciousness of the Germans from the kindergarten.

– It is strictly forbidden by law to draw a symbol of swastika somewhere or to raise hand as a fascist salute.

– There is an unwritten rule in Germany – the more useful product is more expensive. So you can buy a bottle of wine for less than a dollar. By the way, alcohol intoxication is considered to be a mitigating circumstance in the court (for example at traffic incident).

– Women. Their number exceeds the number of men. Men shake a woman’s hand as a sign of respect. Most often German women don’t know how to cook.

– The word “foreigner” in Germany is considered to be abusive.

– You can walk on asphalt in socks, and they remain clean – the roads are washed with soap.

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