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Facts about Iceland

Looking through pictures of Iceland, only one word comes to my mind – serenity. In my opinion this is the most peaceful place on the earth. It is great spot to find seclusion, to be alone with yourself, to think, to dream… This is a dreamland with incredible landscapes, legends and traditions.

Iceland – the country of the Elves, geysers and the Vikings. Territory of the state consists of the island of Iceland and small islets around it. The island has more than 120 glaciers, abundance of lakes and rivers. Iceland is also characterized by a large number of volcanoes, craters and hot springs. From more than 100 volcanoes, 25 have erupted in the last thousand years. These bare facts are known to everyone. Let’s find out something more interesting about this country!

Life expectancy in Iceland – one of the highest in the world: 81.3 years for women and 76.4 – for men.

The Icelanders love their language and do not use any loan words. Because of this, for 1000 years the Icelandic language has not actually changed. Every Icelander can easily read the Bible, which was published at the beginning of 1500h’s.

The country is so much confident in its security that has no army, navy and air force. There is only the Coast Guard. If a citizen of Iceland decides to serve in the army, he can join the Norwegian army under an agreement existing between the two countries.

Probably for the same reason, police officers do not carry weapons in Iceland.

The number of names in Iceland is limited. There is a special register of names from which parents have a right to choose the name for their child. If you want to give a more original name to your baby, you have to pre agree it with the authorities.

By the way, there are no surnames in this country. Seeming surnames are actually patronymics of the Icelanders.

Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese cuisine seem strange to us, but include a variety of dishes that have caught our fancy and are firmly in our lives. But Iceland is also not at the last place in this regard. In the Icelandic cuisine you can find such strange dishes as cooked eggs of ram, rotten shark meat, sheep’s femurs in lactic acid and sheep heads, dishes of whale and seal meat.

The fauna of the country is also very unusual. Here you can easily see whales, rookeries of sea lions and amazing birds! The Iceland’s pride is a magnificent beautiful bird similar to a little penguin called puffin. It is considered to be kind of a symbol of the state. These charming birds look unreal! And also, they love to kiss. And now imagine that the people of Iceland traditionally consume them as food – a raw heart of puffin is considered to be a local a delicacy. The fact is that there are as much these birds here as pigeons in Rome, so the Icelanders catch them without remorse.

The water in Iceland is so pure that it is supplied into the kitchen faucets without any pre-treatment or filtration.

There is no artificial heating, Icelandic houses simply do not need it! Steam and hot water enter the house directly from the natural hot springs.

Most Icelanders believe in the Elves. These creatures usually live in the rocky areas, have magical powers and become a source of problems if someone tries to invade their homes. And indeed there were cases when the bulldozers stalled and couldn’t move anymore. Such things happen in the alleged habitat of the Elves. The residents perceive it very seriously, and during the construction of houses even invite special people to persuade the Elves to leave that place.

In one day in Iceland you can see the changing of all four seasons! There are many proverbs about the weather in Iceland, and one of them says: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes”.

Over the years, Iceland is among the ten countries with the best standards of living. It is not surprising, is it? God, what a wonderful place!

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