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Facts about Switzerland

– There is no head of state in Switzerland. The country also has no capital; it is not listed in the Constitution. Bern is the capital de facto.

– Switzerland has some of the most liberal laws about weapons. For 8 million people there is 2,3 – 4,5 million units of the weapon. At the same time, Switzerland is one of the countries with the lowest crime rates in the world.

– Switzerland is prepared for any disasters. Thus, in case of a nuclear war they have bunkers that can accommodate the entire population of the country. These bunkers, equipped with everything necessary, are disguised as country houses, which are located in the most populated cities. In addition, they can easily turn their roads into the landing strips, removing interchanges and intersections.

– The Swiss army prepared every potential mountain pass and tunnel for possibility of undermining. Thus, it will close all the ways for the enemy offensive.

– Chocolate is really the largest export commodity of Switzerland. Each year 7 million of Toblerone chocolate bars are produced in Bern. It’s a real cult around the chocolate. They have even created edible chocolate gold.

– Democracy in its purest form. Any Swiss citizen can cast doubt on any law and propose changes to the Constitution.

– Swiss domain is denoted by the letters CH. The fact is that the name of a country in Latin sounds like Confoederatio Helvetica. This reduction can be also found in acronym of the national currency and license plate.

– Military service is obligatory for men starting from 18 years. Due to the fact that most of the adult male population is in the army reserve; all men should have the necessary weapons and ammunition to be ready for action at any time.

– In Geneva, there is a statue of a huge three-legged stool. Such original monument symbolizes the condemnation of the use of anti-personnel mines.

– In Bern, there is a 500-year-old statue of a man devouring the babies out of the bag. Not a very attractive sight.


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