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Facts about the United Arab Emirates

– The UAE is one of the richest countries in the world. Among 5 000 000 UAE citizens there are 59 thousand dollar millionaires.

– Only 50 years ago the present-day territory of the United Arab Emirates was just a desert.

– In 2010, the highest skyscraper in the world was built in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai – “Burj Khalifa”. Its height is 828 meters.

Emirates Palace – the most luxurious hotel in the UAE. During the New Year’s festivities there is a unique Christmas tree here. An 11.4 million-dollar tree with a height of 13 m! It is significant that it is decorated with original jewelry instead of the conventional toys.

– UAE residents are well socially supported. Government employees are paid in the amount of $ 10,000. $ 9000 and a villa – such a gift is given from the treasury for the wedding and $ 50 000 for the birth of a son.

– Here there are some strict prohibitions – the use and transportation of alcohol, hitchhike, taking pictures of local women, government buildings, as well as some types of attractions.

– Freedom of speech is also limited here, which excludes the existence of the yellow press. The media is prohibited lighting details and facts of the private life of sheikhs as well as the other quite affluent citizens. In addition, in the UAE, access to the social network is also under the ban, since the Committee for supervision of telecommunications considers them as a source of harmful information for citizens.

– Emirates didn’t accept a moratorium on the death penalty, so a man here may still be thrown stones to death or beheaded. 10 years of prison is a sentence for a drug addict, but if he agrees to undergo treatment, the clinic will be paid by the treasury of the state. Thus, crime in the state is virtually absent: there are no even simple pickpockets and car thieves – you can find here cars left open.

– The groom is obliged to give up to 5 kilograms of gold as a wedding gift for his bride. The choice of the future husband for the girl is carried out by her parents.

– Separate passage for men and women is provided in transportation of the UAE. In the subway or train, there are different wagons, the individual sections in the cabin of bus and even in the taxi.

– In summer the temperature rises up to + 50 degrees Celsius, but in spite of the terrible heat here is a real ski resort! It is called Ski Dubai, and is located in the Arabian desert. In 2011, Emirates became the first Arab country that has managed to enter into the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Ramadan is a great Muslim holiday, when the believers abstain from eating and drinking during the daylight hours. For this reason, the foreign tourists are forbidden to eat and drink on the streets, in order not to catch the eye of the fasting citizens. In the few public places where food intake is allowed during these days, the windows are closed not to see the eaters.


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