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Facts about Tunisia

The word “Tunisia” is one of the variants of the female name. Tunisians believe that the shape of their country resembles the silhouette of a pregnant woman.

The oldest sites of primitive people on the territory of Tunisia have an impressive age of more than 200 thousand years.

The largest province of the country, Tataouine, has gained worldwide fame thanks to the Star Wars franchise of George Lucas, who modelled planet Tatooine. Scenes on this planet were shot, by the way, right here.


The most prestigious professions are a teacher and a doctor. At one time, the country’s government spent half of the budget on health and education. As a result, illiteracy has completely disappeared, the most beautiful buildings in the city are schools and hospitals, and Tunisian health resorts are known all over the world.

In summer, the working day in Tunisia officially starts at 7 am and ends at 2 pm. This is connected with unbearable heat of course.

All the palm trees that grow in the country are date. Tunisia is one of the largest exporters of these fruits to Europe. The best dates are the “fingers of light”. Surprisingly, it is almost impossible to try them in Tunisia – they all go off for export and cost, for example, in France at 20 euros per kilogram!

fingers of light

Local residents have many interesting traditions associated with their appearance. For example, it is forbidden for men to wear a beard without a mustache. The face and body of older women are decorated with tattoos. Hands and palms of young women of Tunisia often have drawings of henna.

Camels in Tunisia are very expensive animals, their cost starts from 1200 dollars. All camels in Tunisia are single-humped. They were imported from Asia.

Camels in Tunisia

Residents of Tunisia have developed their own recipe for treating burns from jellyfish – you need to rub the affected area with sand and attach a piece of tomato.

The roofs of all houses in Tunisia are flat, since such a construction does not heat up in the sun very much.

One of the unusual attractions of Tunisia is “Rose of the Sahara Desert” – this “flower” is formed in the desert from salt and sand. It is often used to decorate aquariums and dwellings. The height of the crystal can reach 3 meters.

Rose of the Sahara Desert

Any desert in Tunisia is Sahara. Because that is how the word “Sahara” is translated from Arabic – the desert.

On the island of Djerba there is a synagogue, built 2600 years ago! The world’s oldest Torah Scrolls are stored in it.

Tunisian police officers do not have the right to stop the car for violation of traffic rules, if the driver is a woman.

On the territory of the country there are the ruins of one of the greatest cities of antiquity – Carthage (814 BC).


Due to the abundance of stunning scenery in Tunisia, many famous films were shot here – Star Wars, Gladiator, Indiana Jones, The English Patient and others.

One of the most impressive landscapes in Tunisia are salines – deserts, in the depths of which there are salt lakes. The largest salt marsh in the country – Chott el Djerid.

Tunisia is on the second place in the “top of the most beautiful places on the planet” according to the magazine ” Tunisia is on the second place in the “top of the most beautiful places on the planet” according to the magazine “Independent”.

In the city of Sidi Bou Said, all the houses are blue and white, and it is legally forbidden to repaint them.

Sidi Bou Said

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