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Fairy bridge. Scotland

This place seemingly is not notable at all. However, it hides a wonderful legend. This “Fairy Bridge” is located on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. It is also known as “Ford of the Three Burns” or Beul-Ath nan Tri Allt in Gaelic. This island is one of the few areas in Britain, where the majority of the population speaks Celtic (Gaelic) language.

This place is famous for its ancient castle of Dunvegan (Dùn Bheagain), which is situated on the rocky island of Skye near the northwest coast of Scotland. The castle was built over 800 years ago. All this time it is the residence of one of the most powerful clans of Scotland – Clan MacLeod (Mac Leoid).

One of the ancient family heirlooms of MacLeod is the so-called «The Fairy Flag» – the sacred flag of the Knights Templar. This is a yellow silken banner embroidered with gold thread. One of the legends tells of the fourth head of Clan Ian Ciar MacLeod and his wife, who was a fairy. Once, the day came when she was forced to return to her people. And then, she dropped a piece of silk at the feet of her husband in a place called “Ford of the Three Burns” and said, “Take care of this flag and deploy it in the wind, when the hard times will come for the clan. Twice it will save you and your family. But woe would come to the clan, if it is deployed for the third time. “

The legend says that MacLeod resorted to the help of a fairy flag twice – in 1490, to win the battle of Glendale (Gleann Dail), and in 1580, at Waternish (Bhatairnis). It is believed that Titania herself, the Queen of the magical world, gave the flag to MacLeod.

The Fairy Flag is still kept in the castle of Dunvegan and the bridge still exists.

Dunvegan Castle


Fairy bridge. Scotland

fairy flag

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