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Flinders Chase National Park. Australia

Flinders Chase National Park was deservedly called as one of the most interesting places in Australia. It is located in the western part of the island with a funny name Kangaroo, 213 km southwest of the capital of South Australia, Adelaide, and 110 km from Kingscote, the island’s largest city. The park got its name in honor of the discoverer of Kangaroo Island. Matthew Flinders was the first person to set foot on this land in 1802. This is a wonderful place, a real treasure of endangered species, relic plants and unique geological formations.

The park is famous for highly peculiar sights, which are considered to be unique geological formations, known as Remarkable Rocks and Admiral’s Arch.

Such a unique creation of nature as Remarkable Rocks is one of the most recognizable objects of the Australian Kangaroo Island. They were formed over 500 million years ago thanks to the erosive effects of wind, rain and sea spray. These huge granite boulders are similar to bizarre works of the sculptor abstractionist. They are located at an altitude of 60 meters above sea level, on the giant dome of lava. These strange rocks are partially covered with golden-orange lichen, and on the background of bright blue water they look fantastic! Tourists love this unusual place and happy to do a large number of extraordinary photographs.

The second geological monument of the Flinders Chase National Park also serves as a proof of the power of natural elements. Stone arch with the sonorous name of Admiral’s Arch is truly a beautiful natural formation. A specially equipped observation deck invites you to enjoy the wonderful surrounding views and the beauty of the ocean tide. Experienced travelers advise to visit this place during the sunset. The huge stone arch acquires a variety of unique shades in the rays of the setting sun – from light yellow to deep red.

Flinders Chase National Park is a protected area since 1919. In that year, this part of the island was declared as a national park, and was taken into public care. The rare animal species under the risk of extinction were brought here a year later. In the 40s the island has become home to more than another 20 species of animals such as the platypus, lizards, echidnas and koalas. Thus, people managed to keep small but still self-reproducing populations of such animals.

Remarkable Rocks. Australia


Remarkable Rocks1

Remarkable Rocks




Admiral's Arch. Kangaroo Island

Admirals Arch, Flinders Chase NP Kangaroo Island SA

Admiral's Arch. sights of Australia

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