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Flowering of Jacaranda

Flowering of Jacaranda. Australia

Talking about the beauty of trees, not just cherry blossoms can cause delight! We have seen how beautiful it is in Bonn and how bright in Tokyo. Australia also has its own distinction in this sense. Bright lilac branches of the spreading trees draw a sight – it is a flowering of Jacaranda. These trees have trumpet-shaped flowers of gentle and strong at the same time color – it is juicy and intense, and it seems that the tree is a real violet cloud.

This tree (Jacaranda mimosifolia) is from the Southern Hemisphere. It is found in tropical and subtropical regions of South America, Central America, Bahamas, Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, Israel, Portugal… It is well familiar in Brazil, where Jacaranda serves as material for acoustic guitars. Well yes, this amazing tree is not native here, although it is extremely loved by Australians. Some species of this plant are used for commercial purposes, while others – decorative. The greatest concentration of decorative Jacaranda reaches exactly in Australian cities, especially in Brisbane, Queensland and Sydney. They have their own, very special attitude to it. These people plant the whole streets of Jacaranda. Today, Australia has become truly a second home for these “violet clouds”!

Such a riot of colors in the streets takes place in spring, which is in the period from October to November. Thus, now it is a peak of the Jacaranda blossom. These months in Australia correspond to the end of the school year, that is, the examinations time. So the blooming of Jacaranda is closely related to the student culture. On the youth slang Jacaranda is called the exam tree. And there is even a sign – if Jacaranda branch falls on your head, you will pass all the exams successfully. Who knows, maybe that’s why Jacaranda is grown in such quantities! After all, the plant bodes good luck.

But it is not only a symbol of learning. Do you know the city of Grafton – the pearl of the coast road between Sydney and Brisbane, New South Wales? Here, at this time, the end of October – beginning of November, you can see an especial festival dedicated to the flowering of Jacaranda! This is one of the oldest festivals in Australia which is held annually. According to the local legends the Jacaranda tree is a symbol of wisdom.

In Sydney, you can watch and enjoy a purple wonder in the Royal Botanical Garden, in the areas of Paddington and The Rocks and next to the University of Sydney. Also, they say that Carabella St, Kirribilli district, where the trees on both sides are merged, forming a “purple tunnel”, is one of the most picturesque. However, the flowering period is not long, and soon everything is covered with lilac carpets. However, it is good too! Many fans to be photographed outdoors love it and use such a bright background!

Let’s see how lovely it looks on the photos! The trees of Jacaranda are perfect in every country!





Flowering of Jacaranda

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Jacaranda blooms


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