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Garden of the Gods. Colorado, US.

The highest peaks of the Southern Rocky Mountains – is Colorado. The accumulation of these spectacular bright orange rocks is called “Garden of the Gods”. This fantastic geological formation is a public park in Colorado Springs. It has received the status of the natural national monument and national park. The park covers an area of about 1,300 hectares.

Cliffs are the main attraction of this park. They were formed from layers of the sedimentary rocks. It is believed that the name of the river and the State of Colorado comes from the bright color of these rocks. They received their whimsical shape after the compression of tectonic plates and due to the weathering action. All this has happened about 300 million years ago. The rocks have not only strange shapes, but the names as well – “The Kissing Camels”, “North Gateway Rock”, “Tower of Babel”, “Steamboat Rock & Balanced Rock”.

The Garden of the Gods is actually a unique “melting pot”, which includes various bio zones and ecosystems. Long since, the Indian tribe «Utes» lived in this place, and considered it sacred. They say that when the white men first came to this area in search of gold, two of them crossed the park and stated: “This is a place for the gods.” Hence the name “Garden of the Gods” came from.

The former owner of these lands, the US National Park for now, Charles Elliott Perkins, pointed in his will that the entrance to the garden should be free. This requirement is still complied – the park entrance is free. There are daily different presentations, as well as organized tours for climbers; bus excursions, hiking, horseback riding, mountain trips and special programs. During the excursion you can get acquainted with the Indian history, geology, flora and fauna of the park. Here you can see the argali sheep, mountain deer, wild rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and various birds. But not only tourists are interested in this place (about two million tourists per year), but local townsfolk often come here for a walk. The air in the park is very clean thanks to the cypress trees and pine trees growing here, so you’ll appreciate both hiking and cycling. However, be careful, in hot weather “Garden of the Gods” is home to rattlesnakes. After the walk you have an opportunity to visit the souvenir shop-gallery, the oldest and largest in the state, called “the Garden of the Gods Trading Post”.

It is definitely worth to visit this place and feel the beauty of wildlife.


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  • Wendy Louise Sells

    with the pictures of the Ayes of Rock it is so very lovely and a great site to see as well. from Wendy Sells

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