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General Sherman. California

General Sherman is the largest tree and the largest living creature on the planet. This sequoia grows in the Sequoia National park in the US, Sierra Nevada, California.

The park is the third, after Yellowstone National Park and Mackinac National Park (that existed from 1875 to 1895). Entrance to the park costs $ 20, or $ 30 – subscription for a year (also including Kings Canyon).

This park is also known for the world under another name. It happened due to the explorer John Muir. When he saw the giant Sequoia here, he named the area “Giant Forest”.

The volume of the tree accounts 1487 cubic meters, the height is 83.8 meters and the diameter – 7.7 m. The circumference of the trunk at ground level is 31.3 m. The scope of the crown is 39.6 meters. The total mass of wood is 1910 tons, the weight of the trunk – 1121 tons. The tree doesn’t stop growing. Each year, the diameter of the trunk grows almost for 1.5 cm. Web site of the National Park of California claims that the famous sequoia annually adds wood, which would be enough to build five or six bedroom house.

In 1879, a giant sequoia was named in honor of William Tecumseh Sherman, General – the hero of the American Civil War. In 1931, it was confessed that this is the biggest tree in the world after comparison with other parameters of sequoias on the planet.

The last studies have shown that the exact age of General Sherman is 2300-2700 years. Thus, it is not the oldest tree on the planet. The oldest tree in the world was cut down in 1965. It was a special kind of Californian pine, whose age was 4484 years. It is believed that in the world there are still trees whose age is equal to 5000 years.

In 2006, the biggest branch of the tree-giant broke down. Its length was 30 meters with a diameter of 2 meters. With such characteristics of just one branch of the tree, even after this loss it is still the largest.

One of the secrets of longevity of the giant sequoias is their thick and durable fireproof bark. It is also known that seeds of the evergreen sequoia have properties to germinate even after heavy fire. The wood also contains a certain number of special preservative resistant to virtually any diseases.

Tourists, who visited the tree, describe it as a red-orange “stone”. Being close to it, it is impossible to see the top. The area around the tree has a special fencing and track leading to the trunk. At the end of the track you can see the brick tiles that show the place where the roots of the tree end.

Sequoia National Park


General Sherman 1

General Sherman Tree Sequoia 15mm

General Sherman tablet

General Sherman tree

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