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Glass Beach. California

Glass Beach is located in the MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg in California, USA. This local attraction lies in the fact that the entire beach is covered with multi-colored glass stones.

Since 1949, the area around this place has become a public dump. In 1967, the government and the California State Water Resources Control Board have banned throwing garbage in these places. The point is that thanks to the special sea currents all the garbage that people threw right from the cliffs was washed off for decades to this place. Thus, nature has cleansed itself from the human harm. The authorities began cleaning the beach from all sorts of waste. Those small pieces of glass that remained were polished by waves which turned this place into one of the most beautiful and shiny beaches. Gradually, the whole shore was strewn with thousands of multi-colored glasses! The form of glass stones is no different from the usual pebble.

The beach, full of millions of colors, has become very popular, and every tourist tries to take away a colored glass as a souvenir, although it is officially prohibited. In October 2002, the California Department of Parks and Recreation bought this coast, and incorporated it into MacKerricher State Park.

According to various sources, the glass can be decomposed from 500 to 1000 years. So in about a thousand years this incredible Glass Beach will become sandy. But now it is one of the most beautiful and unique places, created by man and nature.


Glass Beach, CA

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA


Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

Beach, Fort Bragg, CA


Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California hands

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