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Great Blue Hole. Belize

Great Blue Hole is a famous vertical underwater cave, a real natural phenomenon, which is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. It stretches for 700 kilometers along the Caribbean coast of four countries: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. The largest part of the barrier reef of 350 kilometers covers the territory of Belize. It is here, at a distance of 98 kilometers of coastline, the Great Blue Hole is located. It is an absolutely round sinkhole with a diameter of 305 meters and a depth of 120 meters.

Jacques Cousteau and his team were the first who managed to explore this underwater cave whose roof collapsed about 10 thousand years ago. The cave was formed when the sea level was much lower. When the ocean began to rise, the cave was flooded and the roof fell under the water weight.

Advertising of the diving centers say alluringly that plunging into great blue hole, you will definitely get an unforgettable experience and remember it for a lifetime. And it helps! Thousands of divers from all over the world come here to dive into the hole from the mainland. Here, in the center of the atoll called Lighthouse, among the underwater stalactites, you can swim surrounded by huge groupers, nurse sharks, lemon sharks and rays.

If you also want to come here for scuba diving and see the great hole with your own eyes, first you should go to the town of San Pedro. It is located on the coral island of Ambergris, which was made famous by Madonna in the song La Isla Bonita. San Pedro is a major tourist center with well-developed infrastructure and a large number of diving centers.

The Great Blue Hole is in the system of Belize Barrier Reef, covering more than 200,000 acres. This hole is considered the largest of its kind and therefore was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Jacques Cousteau included Great Blue Hole into the list of the ten best places in the world for diving. It is also in the top three ranking of dive sites, compiled by the authoritative British portal “Cheapflights”.





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