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Green Sand Beach. Hawaii

This bizarre green beach is called Green Sands Beach and Papakolea Beach. It is located in the Gulf of Mahana near the South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii group. It is one of two beaches in the world that can boast by such unique green sand. Its brother is also in the United States and is called Talofofo Beach on the island of Guam.

Papakolea is a beach of volcanic origin. It is rather difficult to reach this strange green place. To get here you have to spend about 4 hours, after having received a special permit. It is not free, but not expensive.

This emerald beach is surrounded by cliffs from three sides and only the fourth is a way out into the ocean. The beach owes its color to special stone chrysolite, which is also called olivine, mixed with volcanic sand. It is a semi-precious stone, which consists of iron and magnesium silicate, due to the relation of these elements, the stone may have different shades of golden, pistachio, yellow, brown or olive-green, and it can acquire the color of fresh spring grass. Everywhere around the beach, there are plates with inscriptions, warning that it is strictly prohibited to take sand from the beach. Only here you can run around and sunbathe on the precious stones, which are widely used in the jewelry industry! You will also find large enough chrysolite impregnations in the rocks surrounding the beach. Green hue depends on the amount of iron in the crystal. Chrysolite is also called “Hawaiian diamond.” This precious beach will certainly delight you!

From a distance, it seems to be really green, but if you come closer it shimmers into olive-gold color. There are fears that after 100 or 150 years, the ocean can wash off all the sand. The surf in the beach area is strong enough, and scientists believe that it is quite possible. In addition, the strong surf is one of the reasons why tourists are not much in a hurry to swim and dive here into the Pacific Ocean. However, it happens in period of calm, when people manage to enjoy the local scenery and swim in the beckoning ocean.

Papakolea Green Sand Beach

green_beach_hawaii Hawaii-green-sand

Green Sand Beach


Green Sand Beach. Feel the Planet green_beach

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