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Grüner See. Austria

Today I want to tell you about the universal place of our planet. This amazing place is called Grüner See (Green Lake). It is located near the mountains Hochschwab, not far from the village of Tragöß in Austria.

In autumn and winter, it’s a beautiful park with magnificent views of mountains, people come here to relax from the city; it is also a favorite place for romantic walks for the loving couples. And in summer, these green banks are immersed under water, and then they are examined by divers, who admire the views of the mountain park from under water.

This unusual lake is located at an altitude of about 770 meters above sea level. Its depth in winter is only 1-2 meters. In spring, meltwater from the tops of the karst mountains rush down into the valley and fills it. The amount of water is so great that the lake can’t accommodate it. Thus, extensive coastal areas, the park with lots of paths, benches and other places for recreation are also submerged. At this time, the depth of the lake reaches 10-12 meters. The maximum water temperature varies between + 8 and + 4 ° C. Grüner See is home to snails, small crabs, crayfish, maggots, and lake trout.

The lake water is crystal clear, so it seems emerald green. It reflects all greens of the lush park – meadow grass, shrubs and trees. Therefore, this mere is called Green Lake. Floating fish over the wooden benches, trees, roads, bridges and the ground covered with green grass and flowers create a fabulous underwater world. Visibility in the clear water is retained up to 30 meters or more. Therefore, since the middle of May, lovers of scuba diving rush to the Green Lake in order to enjoy its incredible surreal underwater landscapes. Starting from July the lake gradually grows shallow. By winter the valley becomes dry and you can walk along the paths of the ghostly park again, enjoying the fresh mountain air. This amazing natural phenomenon won’t leave anyone indifferent.



Green Lake


Green Lake.Austria


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  • shewhoflutesincavesLinnie

    I saw this on Facebook a few months ago… I dive… only shallow now because of ear issue, and thought this was amazing… I’ve never dived in fresh water before. and to see park benches.. so different and so cool!

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