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Haiku Stairs. Hawaii

Haiku Stairs or Stairway to heaven is a picturesque walking trail on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii. It wriggles along the incredible mountain scenery to a height of 850 meters. It begins on the south side of the Ko’olau mountain range and rises up on the slopes to the very top of Mount Pu’ukeahiakaho.

To overcome this ladder, you will need to go through 3922 steps! But it’s worth it – scenery of amazing beauty is opened on both sides of the ridge. The steps lay on a very steep slope that goes into the clouds and disappears out of sight. It’s called the Stairway to heaven as very often you make your way up through the thick fog and it seems that the ladder has no end.

Initially, the construction of the ladder was conceived for cable routing through the mountains for the needs of the naval forces of the USA. In 1940, the military with its help were to reach the antennas, which were located at an altitude of 2,000 feet. This cable and post of radio station had to be serviced, so instead of trail, the military equipped the path by the wooden staircase. This was done to ensure reliable and continuous communication on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. These radiolocation antennas were very powerful and could transmit low-frequency signals to the submarines of US Navy on very long distances. The maximum signal transmission distance was 10 600 kilometers.

In 1950, the naval radio station was decommissioned. The US Coast Guard began using transmitters of communication as a station of radio navigation system for aircraft. A bit later, the wooden staircase was replaced by a metal one, consisting of 3922 steps.

In 1987, the route and the station were closed to the public. Although the prohibiting signs are located everywhere in the surroundings, it does not stop tourists! For unbelievable views of the island of Oahu, opening from the top, they violate all sorts of taboos.

In 2003, the Haiku Stairs was reconstructed. Restoration cost about 870 thousand dollars. Some difficulties on land use and dangerous mountain route prevent the authorities from creation a tourist attraction from the famous trail. Fans of extreme tourism come here before the workday of guards begins. However, don’t forget that a fine will wait for you for an unauthorized climbing. But this one of the most beautiful and spectacular routes in the world will give you an unforgettable experience!

Haiku Stairs3


Haiku Stairs2


Haiku Stairs

Haiku Stairs aka Stairway to Heaven on O'ahu, Hawaii.

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