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Hamilton Pool. Texas, USA

Hamilton Pool is a lake of incredible beauty. It is located about 37 km west of Austin, Texas, USA. It is worth attention by the fact that the lake is considered to be ground and underground at the same time. The underground part of Hamilton Pool is located under a huge stone arch of rock massif. A picturesque waterfall with a height of 15 meters complements splendor of the landscape!

This unusual place appeared a few thousand years ago as a result of soil erosion. When the limestone dome of the underground river collapsed, this lake was formed under its remains. Waters of the underground river flow into the Pedernales River flowing nearby. It, in its turn, is a tributary of the Colorado River. Thus, Hamilton Pool is connected with Colorado River.

The lake got its name thanks to Morgan Hamilton, who bought the land in the middle of the 60s of the 19th century. However, it is a merit of family of Raymers, immigrants from Germany, that the lake has gained its wide popularity. They bought the land from Hamilton in 1880 in order to use as grazing for sheep and cattle. But when the new owners have found the grotto with magnificent lake, they decided to make a recreation area here. Later, in 1985, the state bought this territory and established a reserve. Today, Hamilton Pool Preserve is a favorite place of recreation for residents of Austin.

The area of the lake is less than one square kilometer, but it beckons with its natural beauty! Photos of this place resemble skillful pictures. But even they don’t express that beauty and uniqueness, by which Hamilton Pool is impregnated. Imagine how cool it is to be there for real! All the surroundings of the lake bloom with bright colors – the coving is overgrown with green moss and mountain juniper, at the border of the water you can stumble upon small trees and lush shrubs, broke through to the light from cracks in the rocks.

Every year 75 thousand tourists visit this place. Comparatively small number of people associated with the fact that the car parking of the reserve is designed only for 75 cars. In addition, there is a regular prohibition on visiting the reserve due to the floods, as well as a periodic ban on swimming in the lake. The fact is that the swallows build their nests right under the dome of the lake, so the concentration of bacteria in the water increases. The government cares about the safety of the reserve, so it is forbidden to go fishing, make a fire, to carry glass bottles, put up tents, bring pets, ride the mountain bikes.

Plan a trip to the lake in advance. The reserve is open from 9am to 18 hours, from 17:30 the tourists are not allowed to enter the territory. The cost of parking and the entrance to the reserve is $ 10.

Hamilton Pool


Hamilton lake





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