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Havasu Falls. Arizona, United States

Photos of such places can often be found in magazines about travelling, calendars and postcards. Because it is truly an incredible landscape that beckons like a beautiful fairy tale!

This magnificent sight is called Havasu Falls. It is located in the state of Arizona, USA. Like precious treasure, it is hidden from the prying eyes. This is a remarkable landmark of Grand Canyon. Havasu Falls is known as the crown jewel of the National Park due to its emerald-green waters and unique beauty.

Blue-green pool is filled with crystal clear water descending from a height of about 37 meters. Next, turning into bright blue hue, Havasu fills small lakes which contrast with the steep red cliffs and canyon walls and look so stunning!

A large number of minerals such as calcium carbonate and especially magnesium give the water a deep blue color. The river Havasu Creek washes away the substances of the rock, and thus colors the lakes in such a natural way. The tint of the water varies in different places, as mineral content may differ. The water temperature is about 21 degrees Celsius all year round.

Interesting fact. About 100 years ago the waterfall looked quite different. The flow of water was falling down as a wide wall 70 meters wide, and the waterfall was called the Bridal Veil. Severe flooding has changed the geography of this place in 1910. Raging torrents of water swept through the canyon, destroying everything in its path. Thus, the broad curtain of water was transformed into current Havasu.

The name of this breathtaking waterfall is related to the Indian tribe Havasupai who are known to reside on the territory of the National Park for more than eight centuries.

Havasu is like an oasis, which is so hard to find as it should be for such a treasure, especially in the arid and inhospitable Arizona. The waterfall is located in inaccessible terrain, near Supai, the only permanent settlement within the Grand Canyon. In addition, the Havasupai deliberately limit the number of tourists. You need to pay for the presence on the territory of the tribe; moreover, the right to spend the night in a tent camp is also not free of charge.

Havasu is not the only attraction of the park – the other waterfalls, wonderful scenic ponds, the unique nature of Grand Canyon will not leave you indifferent.



Havasu Falls1 Havasu waterfall

Havasu Falls


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