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Hierve el Agua. Mexico

Hierve el Agua is one of the most amazing natural phenomena, which is located in the southern part of Mexico near the town of San Lorenzo Albarradas, the state of Oaxaca. Such an original name can be literally translated from Spanish as “boiling water”. This is one of the most bizarre waterfalls – it is stone!

From a distance, looking at these rock formations, it seems like a rough stream of water flowing down to the ground, suddenly froze for a moment. Thus, Hierve el Agua can mislead any traveler! The stone waterfall is located at an altitude of 50 meters above the valley of Oaxaca. More precisely, it is a complex, which consists of vertical rocks Cascade Grande, Great Falls, Cascade Chica and the Small Waterfall.

Another remarkable feature of this place is in the fact that they are thermal waterfalls. These mineral springs, saturated with calcium carbonate, naturally formed several reservoirs similar to the pools. They are located at the edge of the cliff and filled with clear turquoise water. On the background of blue mountains and greenery of the valley, it is truly an amazing sight! Water from the picturesque basins “spills” over the edge time to time. Running down the cliff, drops crystallize and form large stalactites, similar to those that can be seen in the caves. This scurf was formed for many decades. However, there are plots of the waterfall that are not covered by it. This kind of bark is strong enough, and it can withstand the weight of a person.

Here you can swim and take healing baths as water of sources actually has a positive effect on the human health. Mexicans almost never use this, but tourists come here not only for the beautiful views, but for the sake of the life-giving baths. The springs instantly change the color depending on the presence of sun in the sky. Its shades range from yellow-green to turquoise.

Every year, thousands of travelers come from all over the world to witness the “petrified” water that crashes down from a great height. In addition, there is incredible beauty of the surroundings, the magnificent mountains and, of course, cacti!





Hierve el Agua



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