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Horseshoe Bend. Arizona, USA

This beautiful, massive and majestic natural formation is called Horseshoe Bend; the locals call it «King Bend». The picturesque horseshoe-shaped bend of the Colorado River – is one of the most stunning attractions of Arizona in the United States.

This place is located on the territory of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Thanks to breathtaking panoramas and colorful landscapes Horseshoe Bend constantly attracts a huge number of tourists and photographers. As well as because of the proximity to the “civilization” which can be found towards the west of the road 89, about three and a half kilometers south-west of the town of Page, Arizona.

You can’t drive up to the Horseshoe, you need to walk about a kilometer on foot. It is not so much for such a journey, if you do not take into account the counter wind with sand. The observation deck looks very democratic – here are no warning signs, no fences, no intrusive sellers. Therefore, you should be very careful, because it is dangerous to approach to the edge – the wind is unpredictable, and blows in different directions, without saying that sedimentary rocks can split off any minute. It is better to stay closer to the ground, or even crawl like a border guard.

The sad fact – unofficially this place is the “capital” of suicides of Arizona. So do not forget – you just walk on top of the plateau, and at the bottom – the abyss! Depth of the meander is over 300 meters, the feeling while standing on the edge really takes your breath away!

The huge clefts in the bright red walls help to understand the power of this natural wonder. Emerald river and red canyon walls look very impressive – such a colorful view! Photographers are risking their lives, taking panoramas of the Horseshoe Bend approaching to the edge of the canyon ledge. But have a look at the pictures, and make sure it’s worth it to go there.

A little further there is another local attraction – Glen Canyon Dam. On one of the viewing platforms, you can clearly see the scale of the structure. The height of the arch-gravity dam is 178 meters above the river level. There are 8 hydropower units installed in the engine room; their total capacity amounts 1,300 MW.

Horseshoe Bend. Arizona, USA

Horseshoe Bend. Arizona



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Glen Dam

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