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Horsetail Fall. USA

Each year, approximately at the same time, Yosemite National Park (California, USA) beckons photographers from around the world, tourists and just inquisitive people. The thing is that on the eastern slope of the mountain El Capitan there is a waterfall called Horsetail Fall. It is famous for the fact that for several days in February, its flowing stream reflects the rays of the setting sun, and just for a couple of minutes, it changes its color to the fiery red.

This unusual natural phenomenon can be observed only in the clear weather. The sunlight falls on the stream of water at a certain angle, and gives the impression that it is hot lava flowing on the rock El Capitan instead of water. This wonderful phenomenon is often called “Firefall”.

The Horsetail Fall is composed of two flowing streams with height of about 480 meters. The total height of the waterfall is 650 meters. The Northern road, leading to Yosemite Valley, to the east of the mountain El Capitan, is the best choice for the photography. In an effort to capture this miraculous moment, people live in tents for several days. They wait for the suitable weather in order to see and take pictures of this natural wonder, the optical illusion made by the nature itself.

The park is surrounded by wild forests, which give it coziness and mystery. Horsetail Falls is located in the mountain range of the Sierra Nevada, to the west of Lake Tahoe in the desert of the El Dorado County. You can reach it on foot. For this purpose you should move to the north from the Twin Bridges. It’s definitely worth it to come here and see the fiery waterfall with your own eyes!


Horsetail Fall. USA


Horsetail Fall.California


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  • Samone

    Each time I visit your site, and gaze upon the magnificence of Earth, I am re-amazed and come away with a sense of complete inner peace and gratitude. It is a humbling and worthwhile experience. Thank you.

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