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Hvitserkur. Iceland

This stone statue is called differently – elephant, mammoth, dinosaur, and even rhinoceros. The original name of such an unusual cliff sounds like Hvitserkur. It stands near the northern coast of Iceland, in the Gulf of Húnaflói. This stillness stone mystical creature, whatever it may seem, makes an indelible impression, especially in the last rays of the sun.

According to scientists, this rock formation, with height of 15 meters, is the remains of an ancient volcano. Time, wind and water have transformed it into this remarkable shape. The word “hvitserkur” can be translated from the Icelandic language as “white shirt” (“hvít-” means white). However, it is not associated with any abnormal or geological features. Everything is much more prosaic – the white spots are just the products of vital activity of birds.

Such strange formations are often connected with legends. One of them tells about a troll who lived in Strandir. Once, he decided to tear down the bells at Þingeyrarklaustur monastery. But didn’t have enough time and got caught by daylight. All the beliefs about these creatures say that sunlight kills them, and thus, we see a petrified troll.

The remarkable fact – in 1990, special postage stamps were dedicated to this Icelandic place of interest.

This outstanding monolith, like an elephant at the watering, attracts many tourists. You can enjoy the view from the shore, from the coastal cliffs or a small observation deck – the road 711 leads to it. In order to reach it, you need to go around the Vatnsnes peninsula. If you want to get a closer look at Hvitserkur, you should come at low tide. This allows you to approach directly to the foot of the cliff.

Unfortunately, the water gradually washes away the foot of the cliff – ebbs and flows contribute to this. Therefore, local residents are forced to regularly strengthen the base of the cliff, glossing over it with cement. Of course, it spoils the original form, however, retains a unique natural creation.

Since the rock is located in Iceland, you are able to watch the beautiful effect of the northern lights. Just imagine what colors it gives to the statue!


Hvitserkur Iceland


Hvitserkur northwest Iceland

Hvitserkur - Vatnsnes



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