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Kaindy Lake. Kazakhstan

The unique lake called Kaindy is located in the mountain range of Tian Shan at an altitude of about 1900 meters above sea level, Kazakhstan. This natural attraction was formed by a strong earthquake in 1911. Mountain collapse blocked the river and the valley became filled with water.

Perennial spruces (Picea schrenkiana trees), growing along the river, suddenly became flooded. But over time, the mighty tree trunks haven’t rotted, but remained standing. And now, they rise majestically above the water surface of the lake. The tops of the spruce trees, sticking out of the surface of the lake, seem lifeless, but in the turquoise water you can see the branches and needles which are perfectly preserved.

In the late 80-ies of the last century, the area of the lake was reduced. This happened as a consequence of another mudflow. The lake was severely damaged. Because of the breakthrough natural dam, the water level has fallen sharply, and a unique turquoise color of the pond became muddy. Over time, waters of the lake were cleansed, but the boundaries have not been recovered.

Today, the length of the reservoir is 400 meters, the depth – 25-30 meters. The Kaindy Lake is situated 275 kilometers southeast of Almaty, 12 km east of the Kolsai Lakes. On the way to the lake you will enjoy amazing landscapes of Saty Gorge, the Chilik Valley, and the Kaindy Gorge – powerful rocky peaks and groves. Five kilometers from the lake you will find picturesque birch grove. The word “Kaindy” in Kazakh means “abounding of birches”.

Kaindy is surrounded by rocky slopes from all sides, which give the lake even a greater originality. People visited the lake, say that time has stopped there. The frozen trees give the feeling of lack of time and tranquility. It is a very popular place among the tourists. Here you will find special viewing platforms where you can admire the lake from a bird’s eye view. To get to the shore of the reservoir, you should move along the lower path from the barrier. There is also a comfortable arbor with benches, which is well suited for a picnic.

Lake Kaindy. Kazakhstan2

Lake Kaindy


Lake Kaindy. Kazakhstan

Kaindy. Kazakhstan


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