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Karijini National Park. Australia

Australia is absolutely an incredible country, a sunny continent, so hazardous and intriguing. The most impressive and unique natural wonders can be found here behind almost any stone. One of the most beautiful corners of the vast island is located in the West Australian District Pilbara, the result of two billion years of geological changes – Karijini National Park. Its magnificent nature has captivated multitude of hearts.

This wonderful park is composed of dizzying clefts, marble-like tunnels, cool mountain lakes and charming waterfalls. Here, under a bright blue sky on the red rocky expanses of the Pilbara, you will see plants, animals and birds inherent only to this locality.

Karijini National Park is surrounded by the Hamersley Ranges near the town of Tom Price. If once you decide to come here, get ready for wild areas, tempered by the very nature and time, noisy waterfalls, emerald lakes and fabulous gorges. Even if you are a traveler with experience, an intricate interweaving of hiking trails will delight you!

You will not let your camera out of hands! Beautiful landscapes are everywhere! For example, a single continuous waterfall of the national park – Fortescue Falls, which has found its shelter in the Dales Gorge, is worth lots of shots! Here, at the foot of this picturesque waterfall, you can swim in the lake as well as in the nearby Fern Pool or in the Circular Pool, which is in a two-hour walk backwards, in the opposite end of the gorge.

Oxer Lookout will help you to enjoy an unforgettable fusion of four great gorges – Red Gorge, Weano Gorge, Joffre Gorge and Hancock Gorge. From here you can go down to the enchanting Hancock Gorge, where local ethnographer will show you the world of mysterious caves and underground rivers. Next, the trail will lead you to the Handrail Pool – another great place for swimming.

Short trails scatter from the viewing platforms over the Gorges Joffre and Knox. Next, Kalaimina Gorge is rich in blue and red colors. The lake in the Hammersley Gorge is famous for its healing waters. Breakneck views of the spinifex plains will become a reward to anyone who dares to conquer summit of the Mount Bruce.

Words can’t describe all that cause a speechless admiration while seeing with your own eyes! Take a look at the pictures and you will realize that these pieces of untouched nature are the most precious thing remained after the human impact. You may ask what we can do. It’s simple – delight and protect!


Fortescue Falls









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