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Kelimutu lakes. Indonesia

The volcano Kelimutu is a famous point of interest of Indonesia, located in the eponymous national park in the center of the Flores Island. Its height is 1639 meters. In 1968 Kelimutu was active for the last time, and since then didn’t show any signs.

The volcano has a distinctive feature. Three amazing crater lakes are located at the top of Kelimutu and they are truly a natural wonder. The fact is that after the last eruption of the volcano, three small hollows were formed in the magma. The lakes are essentially the accumulation of precipitation. These ponds are located close to each other. Their main feature is that they have the ability to change their color periodically. Their coloration ranges because of the content of various minerals from turquoise to green, red, brown or black. These minerals, lying at the bottom of lakes, are gradually dissolved in the water, and paint it as a result of chemical reactions. Such color transitions occur independently from each other.

Locals believe that this unusual place has a supernatural origin. There is even an ancient myth, according to which the lakes Kelimutu is a place where the souls of the dead find their rest and shelter. Thus, the lakes for centuries have been considered as a place of spiritual peace of the locals’ ancestors. And the fact that the ponds change their color means a change in the mood of the souls.

All three lakes have their own names. “Lake of Old People” (Tiwu Ata Mbupu) is located in the westernmost point of the volcano, and it usually has a blue color. It is separated from the other two lakes and according to tradition, the souls of the elderly, who led a decent life, are sent here. Two other lakes are separate, as if separated by a wall of the crater. Lake of Young Men and Maidens (Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai) is green. The third, Bewitched or Enchanted Lake (Tiwu Ata Polo) often changes its olive green to the blood-red one. They say, the souls of bad people, regardless of gender and age, get exactly into the third lake.

The word “Kelimutu” means boiling lake and people can often observe clouds of steam rising from the surface of lakes. It is impossible to predict the color of these three lakes. Most often they are painted in blue, green and black in the sequence, but the lakes also can be white, red and blue, respectively.

Traveling in these places, you should be very careful. Not all the trails leading to the lakes are safe. In addition, the evaporation from lakes, often make people faint. Unfortunately, those who fell into the lake never got out of there alive.





Kelimutu lakes

Kelimutu lakes. Indonesia

East Flores


Kelimutu lake

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