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Kummakivi Stone. Finland

Kummakivi is one of those cases, that person can’t explain. This geological formation is located in the forest Savonia, in the western part of the Ruokolahti municipality, in Finland, and is a fragment of balancing rock – a huge stone, which lies on a large rounded boulder. To be more precise, I can say that the stone is situated at the coordinates N 61 ° 29.397 ‘E 28 ° 26.985’.

The name “Kummakivi” can be translated from Finnish as “strange stone”, look at it and say it is not so. This unusual natural phenomenon causes great interest to both local residents and tourists from various countries, and, therefore, became a popular attraction. The 7-metre long stone has been balancing on the surface of its foundation, touching it by just a small piece of area, already for thousands of years.

Scientists say that the stone was brought here by glaciers. Thousand years after the glaciers have thawed out; Kummakivi just remained lying on the same spot where it was placed by the very nature. So it was formed during the Ice Age. But as always, there is another version.

They say that the Finns have a legend explaining the appearance of Kummakivi stone. In short, it tells that many centuries ago there was a feud between forest giants and humans. They both needed this territory for hunting. Then the giants decided to share the ownership and to this end, they have put a large rock that people could not remove it. And it’s true. There is still no exact scientific explanation, but contrary to the laws of physics, the stone stands quite firmly and human strength is not enough to move it.

If you decide to come here and witness how the mysterious stone is retained in such a frozen state for centuries, you need to turn from highway connecting Imatra and Mikkeli (62) at the sign Valkinhovi and go until you see the sign Kummakivi.


Kummakivi Finland



Kummakivi Stone. Finland

Kummakivi Stone

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