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Kungur Ice Cave. Russia

This wonderful place is located in Perm Krai, on the right bank of the Sylva River, Russia. It is known as the Kungur Ice Cave. This is a pearl of the Urals, one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions of the region. It is often called as a kingdom of stalactites and stalagmites, or even more romantic – “frozen music of ice and stone, grandeur and silence of space”. Everything here will give you unforgettable impressions.

This is a true wonder of nature! The Kungur Ice Cave stands out among the similar in Russia due to its rich history, striking legends. Its length amounts 5700 meters. The cave is available for visitors, but not completely – only 1500 meters are specially equipped, cleaned and fitted with special illumination that adds spectacularity to the surrounding views.

This karst cave includes 48 grottos, about 60 lakes and 146 “organ pipes”, the highest of which is located in the grotto “The ethereal” and reaches 22 meters. The air temperature in most caves is close to zero degrees. The minimum temperature in the cave is in the entrance caves. There are always freezing temperatures here: in summer it does not exceed -2-3 degrees, and in winter below -20.

The largest grotto of the Kungur cave is a grotto of Geographers. Its size is 50 thousand cubic meters. The most beautiful grotto is considered to be the first one – “the Brilliant”. At the end of winter, it has the most beautiful crystals of needle and tray shape.

The lakes of the Kungur cave are also famous for their outstanding beauty. Their clear waters are connected with the Sylva River, and when the water in it rises, the lakes are also overflowing. The largest lake has a very logical name – The Large Underground Lake, and has a volume of 1300 cubic meters. Its depth is three meters. The local lakes are so transparent that you can see the water crayfish and small frogs.

The age of the Kungur Ice Cave determined by scientists is 10-12 thousand years. The cave still continues to develop and grow. History of the study of the cave began in the distant 1703. The first commercial excursions to the grottos are dated back to the middle of the XIX century.

The cave not for nothing is called “ice”. The tourist route is designed for at least 1.5 hours; hence don’t ignore the warning to bring warm clothes. The best time to visit the cave is the end of winter – early spring (February to April), when ice formations reach the most spectacular shapes and sizes. Condition of ice in the Kungur Cave depends on the temperature regime. In winter, it is frozen by opening special vents. In summer, they are closed on the contrary. However, with the start of the regular guided tours the multi-year ice slowly began to melt.


Kungur Ice Cave

Kungur Cave

pearl of the Urals

Kungur Ice Cave, Perm Krai, Russia




  • Wendy Louise Sells

    with the Crystal of the Cave is just so very pretty and just so very Lovely to see. from Wendy Sells

  • Wendy Louise Sells

    with the caves of the Blue Grotto is just so very lovely and so very pretty and a great picture of the Caves of the Grotto of the ice caves. from Wendy Sells

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