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Kursunlu Waterfall. Turkey

Kursunlu Waterfall Nature Park is located 20 km from Antalya, Turkey. It is a quiet peaceful place with a unique landscape, subtropical nature and a waterfall, which is formed by tributaries of the Aksu River. The Park with an area of 33 hectares and Waterfalls Kursunlu are the tourist attractions of Antalya.

Here you can enjoy the pristine subtropical vegetation of natural surroundings, see such kinds of plants as like bay leaf, carob, wild olive, mastic tree, willow and fig trees, as well as numerous shrubs and trees that grow in this region. Nature in the reserve is securely protected, so the landscape and vegetation are in their original form.

The Kursunlu Waterfall is located in the shade of trees, so walking among all this beauty you will enjoy the coolness, the fragrance of flowers and the soothing sounds of falling water. This is a Mediterranean region of the coast of Antalya. The word “Kursunlu” means “leaden”. Perhaps it was named so due to the saturated turquoise water. The height of the waterfall is only 18 meters, but it attracts tourists from all over the world. Here is an incredible atmosphere, lush vegetation and ponds with floating ducks. Water spray, which is formed from the falling water, shimmers in the sun so that you can always see the rainbow here. Waterfall’s appearance varies depending on the season. In hot weather, when the river level is lowered, the waterfall becomes smaller. In rainy weather, the flowing stream becomes very strong respectively. Its water is always clear and clean.

This beautiful and romantic place, surrounded by the emerald pine trees, is often chosen by the loving couples for a picnic. Near the waterfall there are several places equipped for this purpose and before the descent to the waterfall you can find a restaurant and a souvenir shop. Locals believe that Kursunlu is able to fulfill desires. You need to touch the flow by hands. Enamoured also believe that the waterfall will strengthen their relationships. The waterfall has a natural canopy. If you get under it, you will be “inside” the water column. Here you can make a wish, substituting hands under running water.

It is a very popular place among the local population, so there are a lot of people especially on weekends or at the end of the working day – it’s a great place to relax. The park entrance cost 2.5 lira per person. To bypass the central part of the park, you will need about 2 hours. Everything here is reminiscent of a fairytale forest – vines and twined plants which braid stones, steps and trunks of trees, giving them bizarre images. The moss-covered multi-colored steps make you feel like in an old abandoned castle. 500 meters from the waterfall Kursunlu you can see a beautiful lagoon, the old mill and a hidden with tree foliage small house. This wonderful park will surely bring you unforgettable positive emotions and impressions.

Kursunlu Waterfall

Kursunlu Waterfalls. 1

Kursunlu Waterfalls. 3

Kursunlu Waterfalls



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