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Laguna Verde. Bolivia

Laguna Verde (Lake Potosi) is a mineral salt lake located in the south-western part of Bolivia, on Altiplano or the Bolivian Plateau, in the Potosí Department, near the border with Chile. The picturesque reservoir got its beautiful name Laguna Verde, which can be translated from Spanish as “green lake”, because of the emerald color of the water.

One of the most beautiful places of Bolivia is located at an altitude of about 4300 m above sea level. The water surface area is approximately 17 sq km, its length is 5.2 km, the width – about 4 km, the maximum depth – 8 m. Laguna Verde is connected to the neighboring lake Laguna Blanca («White Lake» from Spanish) by the narrow strait.

The lake is nestled at the foot of the volcano Licancabur, with height of 6200 meters and almost a perfect cone; and such an interesting neighborhood has played a decisive role in the fate of Laguna Verde. Minerals and metals (magnesium, carbonate, calcium, plumbum and arsenic, where nevertheless the copper prevails), penetrate into the lake from its subsoil and give water this wonderful color.

In addition, the lake is also known for its hot springs, whose temperature reaches 42 degrees Celsius. A string of hot springs is framed by desert landscapes, and their brown-red tones favorably emphasize incredible hue of the unique lake.

It is worth mentioning an interesting fact. At the top of the volcano you can find the ruins of the Inca constructions. The fact that they are preserved until today says that the volcano doesn’t work the last 500 years.

Laguna Verde is located on the territory of the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. The emerald-green color of the lake, a large number of flamingos, as well as the picturesque landscapes of the lake on the background of the volcano attract many tourists.

This is truly a paradise, where you’ll find privacy and hide from prying eyes. Of course this is not a sandy beach, but the solid volcanic rock, although it doesn’t spoil the overall impression, and the spectacle brings much pleasure.

The best time to visit Laguna Verde is considered to be from April to September. The travelers need to take warm clothes, because of the cold winds which are constantly blowing here.


Laguna Verde, Bolivia




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