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Lake Como. Italy

Perhaps you will not argue that this is a truly beckoning place, isn’t it? This cozy place in all senses is Lake Como. For many centuries it fascinates with its enchanting beauty – glorious nature, charming medieval villages, luxurious villas and gardens, crystal clear water! This place is full of opportunities for a perfect vacation!

As for those who live here, we can say that Como is a shelter of snobs and dandies. It is very prestigious to have a villa or a mansion here, so only wealthy people can afford such an opportunity. In ancient times villas on the shores of Como belonged to Virgil and Pliny the Younger, and now to such celebrities as Matthew Bellamy, George Clooney, Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, Ronaldinho and others. The beauty of this mountain reservoir will forever remain in such films that have gained worldwide popularity as: “Star Wars,” “Ocean’s Twelve”, “Casino Royale.”

One of the most magnificent natural wonders of the Lombardy region is located 30 km from Milan, at an altitude of 199 meters. The depth of 410 meters makes Lake Como the deepest lake in Europe. Its area is 146 square meters. The lake is shaped like an inverted “Y” and is formed by three branches: Colico at north, Lecco to the southeast and Como in the south-west.

Name of the lake sounds Larius in Latin, in Italian – Lario. In fact it is rarely used and most often is called “Lago di Como”, which means Lake of Como.

Climate of the lake of Como also contributes to a pleasant pastime. It is mostly mild and humid, favorable to the development of rich and varied vegetation. Alps cover the lake from strong winds. From May to October the temperature is kept within the limits of 22 – 28 degrees and the water temperature never drops below 24 degrees.

Incredible scenery is everywhere! Lake Como is famous for its villages in the medieval-style, castles and towers. There is an old fort built in 1169, a sculpture museum, a cathedral of the Renaissance period. These landscapes have always inspired people of art – Goethe, Tchaikovsky, Stendhal, Heine, De Musset, Longfellow; and it is no wonder! The smooth bends of the shores, these bays and churches surrounded by cypress trees, villas with marble staircases leading down to the water, colored houses and flowering gardens, yacht at the berths… The set of cute towns have found their refuge on the shores of Como – Moltrasio, Bellagio, Lenno, Tremezzo, Menaggio…

The only island on the lake is Comacina. It is small islet, 600 meters long and 200 wide. It is covered with thick forest like green fur, beautiful in all seasons, even in the fall or in the rain. They say that it is shrouded in mysticism, but that’s another story…

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Lago di Como

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