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Lake Obersee. Germany

Lake Obersee can be called the most secluded and beautiful body of water in Germany. The name can be translated as “Upper Lake”, which is a part of Lake Constance, the larger one of two lakes. It is located in the east of Bavaria, in the Berchtesgaden Alps in the alpine area of the National Park Berchtesgaden.

The Obersee was formed in the Alps during the melting of glaciers centuries ago. Surrounded by high walls of the mountains, the lake is almost inaccessible. It is literally hidden from civilization. Virginal purity of this place is confirmed by the growing moss on the tree branches. The maximum width of the lake amounts 14 km. Its area is 473 km². The maximum depth of the lake reaches 51 meters with an average depth of about 30 meters. The Obersee extends between Bregenz and Bodman-Ludwigshafen for over 63 km.

The lake Obersee is considered to be the main attraction of the National Park Berchtesgaden. It resembles a shining emerald in a setting of alpine cliffs and forests. The lake water is so pure that you can drink it – rocky bottom of the reservoir can be seen for a few meters. The Obersee is so calm that its smooth surface is an ideal mirror! This is truly a solitary corner of wildlife of Bavaria, where you can find relaxation for your soul and feel unity with Mother Nature. It is a joy for your eyes and the purest mountain air for your lungs! There are no settlements here, only a small farmhouse and some cows grazing on the alpine meadow.

It is rather difficult to get here. It is possible only by water, using boat through the Lake Königssee to the pier Saletalm, and then 15-20 minutes of walk along the footpath. This nice stroll will also bring you pleasure. The healing mineral springs that you meet along the way and the mild climate of the region have the most beneficial effect on health. Germans tenderly cherish the amazing nature of the lake and carefully monitor the environmental situation. Here you can find quite rare species of flora and fauna, in particular, blue edelweiss. Professional anglers are attracted by an abundance of trout.

This place is very popular among tourists. Although the frequent gatherings of people are inherent to the lake, it seems like it absorbs the surrounded bustling, and envelops you with its serenity.

Lake Obersee GErmany

Lake Obersee 1


Lake Obersee 2

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Lake Obersee obersee lake

Lake Obersee 4

The Lake Obersee

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  • Anonym

    The “Obersee” in the pictures doesn’t drain into Lake Constance (which is several hundred kilometers to the west) but into the Königsee (translates to King’s Lake, but there seems to be no official english name).

    Lake Constance is divided in three “lakes”, one which is called “Oberer Bodensee” or “Obersee”. But that lake is very different.

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