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Lake of Artists. Ergaki, Russia

Ergaki is a wonderful natural park and ski resort located in the central part of the Western Sayan, about midway between the capital of Khakassia – Abakan and the capital of Tuva – Kyzyl, Russia. It is a popular resort among mountain tourists and climbers. It amazes by beauty of the untouched nature of Eastern Siberia, transparent rivers and lakes, majestic Siberian taiga and granite peaks.

Among all of this boundless natural wonders I’d like to allocate one picturesque lake, called Lake of Artists. The experienced travelers say that if you haven’t seen the Lake of Artists, you haven’t seen anything in Ergaki. It is located at the foot of another interesting attraction – two sharp peaks, the so-called Brothers or Parabola.

The local routes abound with magnificent scenery, sub alpine meadows, flower fields; they are perfectly suited for photography and filming. But do not forget that you will have to go through the taiga, rocky tundra, what is very difficult, especially for non-trained person. Not many beginners can go through these trails, because the path to this lake is one of the most difficult. It goes through the mountain passes – neither a quad bike nor a horse could pass here – only on foot. If you plan to come to the tourist hostel, you probably won’t be able to get to this place, since you won’t have time to get home before dark. Seasoned travelers recommend coming here with a tent and hiring an experienced guide.

The lake has received this name not because of the picturesque surroundings and the crystal clear water, which are often present on the paintings of artists, landscape-painters. In the middle of the last century the lake was found by the Krasnoyarsk artists. It is in their honor the lake and the pass were named. So, looking at their pictures people get know about the existence of such a fabulous place on the planet called the Lake of Artists. Every year local nature inspires a growing number of artists and ordinary curious tourists to come here.

Although many of them tend to visit these lands in order to see the unique Parabola. This rock formation has no analogues in the world. For many, it is a tempting reason to dare at such a journey. But more often this goal is unattainable – Parabola is not available from any tourist center. In the classical foreshortening, the Parabola can be seen only from the Lake of Artist, so it’s also as difficult as to get to the lake. So, purchase backpacks and tents and go for a meeting with wonderful! Meanwhile, I offer to enjoy the lake views from the photos.

Lake of Artists Ergaki

Ergaki, Russia

Lake of Artists

Lake of Artists Russia


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